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About The Program

The Miss Kentucky Scholarship Competition Bluegrass Princess Program is for young ladies, ages five to ten, who have an interest in competing in a future Miss Kentucky Scholarship Competition. Current local title holders, who are competing in the state competition will serve as mentors to the Bluegrass Princesses.

The Princess will have the opportunity, as provided by the local Competition director and local title holder, to be a part of the title holder's year. She is encouraged to go shopping with the local title holder, attend assemblies and meetings where the local title holder will speak and/or perform, exercise with her, etc. The local title holder is encouraged to engage the Princess in any activity that she can to make her feel a part of her year as she prepares for the Miss Kentucky Scholarship Competition, as she represents her local Competition at various events throughout the year and as she promotes her social impact initiative and community service. All Bluegrass Princesses will participate in some aspect of the stage production at the Miss Kentucky Scholarship Competition.


  • Must be at least 5 years old and no older than 10 years old1
  • Must have the time and availability to interact with the local title holder throughout the year

1 Birth Certificate may be required as proof


  • Each Princess is to provide her own attire for competition week.
  • Participants are also responsible for housing and meals during the competition week in Bowling Green
  • Each princess must submit a head shot photo by email for the Miss Kentucky Scholarship competition Program Book.

Save the Dates

There are several events that will be mandatory attendance. These dates are essential for the Princesses and their local title holders to go through orientation and spend time together prior to and during the state competition.

Please check and save these dates now to ensure there is no conflict.

  • Miss Kentucky Competition week (June 16-18, 2022)


The Miss Kentucky Bluegrass Princess Program participation fee is $400.

This includes 3 sets of Miss Kentucky tickets (1 set for the princess and 2 sets for the parents).

Application with payment is due at the Miss Kentucky Orientation

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